“Elegy for a Dead World”, a game about writing weird fiction

Lovecraft eZine

Review by K.G. Orphanides.

Create a history of dead alien worlds in this 2D scrolling write’em up!

Elegy for a Dead World is, in essence, a series of writing prompts in the form of a game. You control a nameless figure in a space suit, freely exploring the 2D landscapes of three different worlds, each bearing the ruins of a long-dead race. Part game, part writing exercise, Elegy lends itself to creating weird fiction.

You can play by answering set prompts at various points on each level, or in a free-form mode that allows you to explore and write as you please. Some prompts encourage you to weave a story about the fate of each desolate planet you visit; others invite you to fill in details of an existing story, correct grammatical errors as a learning exercise, or create your own version of a well-known poem.

If you play…

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