There’s No Excuse for Rosie Millard – an open letter

Pretty Feet, Pop Toe

Oh lawks, an open letter – the dreaded mode of self-aggrandising outrage preferred by the pompous twits who think anyone cares what they have to say to another pompous twit they care equally little about. Well, my platform, my rules. Get over it.

"Get over it" “Get over it”


You’ll notice that I used the phrase “get over it” – and that was a pointedly relevant gag to kick off this, my response to your piece in The Independent, the delightfully click-baity title of which is seen here below.

Your piece was brought to my attention, not by some bra-less, unwashed moon cup-sporting hairy feminist, but by a young man. A normal man utterly incensed that such shocking bilge could come from someone who owns a vagina. (Apologies if you don’t own a vagina, Rosie, I’m making an assumption here, and quite frankly I just wanted to type ‘vagina’).

I have read your piece

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