Erich Zann and the Thing Beyond the Threshold

Lovecraftian Science

The Music of Erich Zann by Cyril Van der Haegen (

We have been discussing how Erich Zann’s music may have prevented the annihilation of our universe.  While we will never know the true reason for Zann’s compulsion to play in front of the high window, for the explanation he documented on paper was blown away, it has been hypothesized that the high window at the Rue d’ Auseil was a threshold or gateway to another universe, possibly filled with antimatter.   This last article reviews and discusses the end of this tale within an emphasis on the “thing” or entity on the other side.

While Erich Zann is writing the explanation for playing his insane music at night, both he and the protagonist begin to hear “…not a horrible sound, but rather an exquisitely low and infinitely distant musical note, suggesting a player in one of the neighboring houses…”.  While the protagonist thought nothing of this, Zann…

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