Rain Man has a lot to answer for

Do you speak Autism?


For a relatively common condition,  I am regularly surprised how many myths and pre-conceptions exist around autistic spectrum disorder. I shouldn’t be, really- after all, I often have to remind myself that before James, I wasn’t particularly informed either.

We are living in the age of information. Armed with our smartphones and tablets, we are never more that a click away from an updated news feed or the latest email. When I was born, in the 1980s, people had only recently got used to having a fourth TV channel. I just tried looking at my Sky Plus planner to see how many there are now, but the list is so long that I actually can’t work it out.

So, in theory, as a society we should be more informed than ever- but in reality, the more information that gets thrown at us, the more selective we need to be in…

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