About Me


A traveller – quietly waiting in the wings, whilst trying to understand his world and place in the cosmos.

And I’m a thinker.

I think a hell of a lot – and have done so since a very young age.

I think about our lives, our existence, our place in the cosmos. I think about what we, in our current form and beyond, are capable of achieving.

All my life I have been on a journey of self-discovery. I went to some very dark places during my teens – and it’s only recently that I have had some of the questions I have been asking for many years, finally answered. Not everything has been shown to me yet – but what I now know has helped me to understand who I am.

I’ve recently been diagnosed with reactive depression. Coupled with my ability to perceive and visualise emotions and feelings, the two can play havoc with my mind and my well-being. I have been to places that are so dark, that there has been a significant risk to my health.

For over twenty years I have not been able to talk about these things – until last year. After some trolling from two work colleagues (both twice my age!) I exposed my past to them and this almost led me to be hospitalised. I cannot sing the praises of our local health team enough – they worked swiftly, efficiently and stopped me from falling deeper into the abyss.

But there are two people throughout all this who have helped me the most – my wife and our daughter. They have kept me alive and guided me back on the right path.

The pictures that are displayed at the top of every page are some of my favourites selected from a pre-wedding photo shoot – and some from our actual wedding day, in April 2013. I want to share these photos with you, as my wife and daughter are my world.

Now, back to my posts. Everyone is welcome to read, listen, observe and pass their own thoughts and ideas on anything and everything. Just remember, if you don’t like what you’re reading – then don’t read it!

I’ve been using ‘social media’ sites for some time and found that some of my posts were frowned upon – especially when expressing myself. I tended to be cut down quite quickly by those I trusted. They would attack me with sly comments – or indirect, on the side posts – without engaging intellectually.

So, I’m using this blog to post thoughts and ideas, theories and scientific fact, things we can agree on and some things we can’t. Whether the posts are deemed entertaining, factual, odd – or even controversial – I’m just posting the things that are of interest to me. Just because I post it, it doesn’t mean I always agree with it.

Sometimes I’m just putting it out there.

Please note that I do post a lot of articles from various sources – and wherever possible I have provided the author’s name and any links/citations. (I will never pass items off as my own work).

I hope that you find some things of interest. 🙂

Richard A. Cope

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Coincidentally, I came accross your blog and after reading an article, I checked who you were in your “About me” page and I really liked the description that you make about your blog: “Thoughts & ideas, theories & scientific fact, things we can agree on & some things we can’t. Entertaining, factual, odd – or even controversial – I’m just posting items that are of interest to me” which made me want to follow your blog 🙂 So I wanted to drop a word saying that I like it very much.

    By the way, your wedding photos are fantastic and congratulations to you and your wife 🙂

    I have quite a wide interest range – similar to you- and I am sure, your postings will be a delight for me.

    In Turkey, I have a group called “Curious Souls Get Together” where we meet with the group members once in a month in beautiful galleries or bars and we watch very interesting TED Talks together. After each video we then make an exchage of views on each video. Our meetings are both enjoyable and very enlightening. You might have liked to participate I am sure.

    If you are interested, you may take a look at the videos we watch (www.isilblog.wordpress.com) and maybe share your comments on them too. (sorry I just started the blog – the page is yet incomplete but several meeting reports including the videos are there.)

    Have a nice day.


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